15 and I am sure I am pregnant

I am 15 years old and my boyfriend is 17. We have been dating for 3 years.
I am more than sure I am pregnant. We have talked about what is going to happen and I know for sure that he will not leave my side.
Both him and I have decided to keep the baby if I am pregnant.
Yes I know this is a huge step for us, but I have been an aunt for 2 years, and let's just say I take more care of her than the parents do. I know about the staying up all night, not getting sleep, having to wake up and feed the baby kind of nights.
I must say that I am ready for whatever is thrown at me.
There is just one problem. I have no clue on how to tell my parents. I know my Grandma will understand, but the only person I don't know how to tell will be my Dad. My Dad will take it pretty hard, but I will not let abortion nor adoption be the answer.
I just need your help on how I should tell them and when is the right time,

Editor's Comment

First you need to do a pregnancy test to be sure about whether you really are pregnant. If it does turn out to be positive you should then plan to break the news. There's no easy way to do this. It's worth choosing a time when your Dad is relaxed and not tired, or just got in from work. Maybe say to him that you want to talk something through and arrange a specific time to do it. It may help to tell another family member first that you can trust and then ask them to help you to break the news. In the end you have to accept it will be a shock and he may react to the news at first but hopefully he will get used to the idea after the initial shock.
This story was sent in on 23/01/2013

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