I was 16 and pregnant

By anonymous on 12/04/2013
I was 16 and pregnant, and my due date was 5 weeks away but my family was still in the dark about it - I have already written my story on this site.

It was January 30th, just over a month until my due date, when my water broke when I was in the loos at school. At this point my parents still had no clue I was pregnant and neither did anyone at my school.
To cut a long story short, my school refused to let me go home (I hadn't told them the real reason) and I was forced to sit through a whole afternoon of lessons in agony.

As planned my boyfriend picked me straight up from school at the end of the day and we went straight to hospital. At 10.31 that night I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

When my parents were called to the hospital, my mum demanded that I give her up for adoption. Naturally, I refused and as a result my mum disowned me. There was a massive argument and it ended with her punching me and breaking my nose - what a lovely thing to happen on the day of my daughter's birth. I knew she would be angry but I couldn't believe this. When I was let out of hospital, I moved in with my boyfriend's family and life seems a lot better.

My daughter is now 2 1/2months old and I have gone back to school. Unfortunately, the b**ch in the year found out about my daughter (she got hold of my phone, don't ask how) and now the whole school knows. They are all looking down on me and many are laughing at the irony of it (I'm head girl at my school and never been in trouble). I just want it to be over. My GCSE's start on 13th May and as soon as they're done with I'm out of there. We're supposed to stay at school for 2 weeks after the exams but I can't be bothered with things like prom etc where I won't have any fun.

I'm starting to feel really depressed, everything's getting on top of me. Trying to revise for the biggest exams so far, looking after my daughter, my boyfriend and I are trying to find a place of our own, college applications, I have no friends now (I originally had a big group of friends but now they have sided with the girl who told everyone about my pregnancy) and my mum and step-dad haven't spoken to me since they found out about my daughter.

Even though I won't ever forgive my mum, I want her in my life. My boyfriend and his family are great but I'm worried that I might be developing depression and I don't know what to do. Please help.

Editor's Comment

You have been amazingly brave and independent up until now, and you are obviously finding it very difficult at school with everyone knowing what you have been through. Now you do need help so please be equally brave and go to your GP. Post natal depression is well recognised and often caused by hormonal changes in your body,but it needs to be treated so that it does not get worse. You will be taken seriously if you see your GP and you will get the help and support that you need.
Please log onto Online advisor so that CareConfidential can support you as well.

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