I was raped at my school in year 8.

I'm 15, currently in year 10. I was raped at my school in year 8. The guy was a 'friend' of mine. He did some horrible things to me. After he did what he did he called me later on that day on a blocked number. Told me he loved me and a lot more.. I told him I never want to see/ hear of him again. He told me if I hung up on him he would take his own life. I said goodbye and I hung up the phone. It was announced the next day he had taken his own life and I've always blamed myself for that.
To make the situation worse I got pregnant with his child, I'm one of those girls who could never get an abortion, so I didn't, I kept it. Time passed, it felt like forever but at the same time the pregnancy went so fast, and my baby was born. I struggled with money, school and everything that used to be so easy. It got really hard, but I picked up my game so I could become a better mother. I now work and come home to take care of my daughter. I love her to bits and wouldn't regret my decision to keep her.

Editor's Comment

You have had amazing courage in the midst of such a terrible experience. I would like to tell you that you were in no way responsible for this person's death. He was trying to manipulate and emotionally blackmail you and you were right to cut all ties with him. What he chose to do afterwards was his responsibility not yours.
I hope that you have some support as you bring up your little girl, but if you need any help please contact Careconfidential either on the helpline or Online counselling and we will try to put you in touch with some more support.

This story was sent in on 05/06/2013

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