My baby boy was born 6 weeks after my 13th birthday

By anonymous on 24/02/2014
When I was 12 my father died and I didn't take it well. I started being a rebellious kid who didn't care about education and every week had sex with different guys during some party. I hadn't got my period so its lack wasn't for me a sign of pregnancy. Half year after my dad's death I felt weird. I was getting tired quickly, I couldn't eat some dishes without vomiting and started gaining weight. My friend suggested that I might be pregnant so I went to Planning Parenthood Centre. USG confirmed that I was 14 weeks pregnant.

I was terrified. I was afraid of my mom's reaction so I decided to hide my condition as long as it would be possible. When my bump became bigger I wore bigger clothes and sucked it up. When I was 27 weeks my mum went to my room when I was changing clothes and saw my belly. She only asked how far I was, hugged me and started crying. She told me that she would support me no matter what. Suddenly I felt much much better because I was no longer alone with my problem.
My mum called my school and informed my teachers about my pregnancy. I told my friends about it. I didn't have to hide my baby bump any more. I could finally be happy with my pregnancy and started thinking about my baby.

It was 14th March 2009. I was on lunch break and I was sitting on the grass when I felt wetness. My waters broke when I was 35 weeks. I dismissed myself and went home. After 3 miles long walk my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was glad that I had prepared my hospital bag before. When I was home I found out that my mum had left for work so I called her and told her that I was in labour. She instructed me to take a shower and said that she would be home in half an hour. When I left the bathroom I couldn't stand the contractions so I sat down on the floor praying for my mum's quick arrival when I felt like pushing. I panicked and started screaming. A few minutes later my mum found me on the floor pushing and crying. She is a nurse so she delivered my baby without any problem. However my baby boy had to stay a week in NICU because of my age and the premature labour. It was 6 weeks after my 13th birthday.

Now I am 18. Two years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I won my battle with illness but I can't have children any more.

Editor's Comment

You have been through some very difficult experiences at a very young age. You must have had to grow up very fast to face the challenge of your loss, parenthood and then cancer. I guess some people might have felt that abortion was the right option for you at 12, but looking back this was your only chance of being a mum.

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