She has made my life wonderful.

By anonymous on 12/06/2014
I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday.
I had been with my boyfriend for only a month, and I had started feeling pregnancy symptoms. I guess the two biggest ones were the absent period and the morning sickness that I got. Well my dad suspected something because of my changes and plus the fact of the time I spent with my boyfriend and I got sick at my grandmas house one morning, and he set up an appointment for me at the paediatrics but tricked me into telling me it was just a physical.
When I got to the doctor she had me give her a urine sample and did a pregnancy test, and told me with my dad there that I was pregnant.
My dad was so upset, and in a way I was hurt that I hurt him and my momma. My parents were supportive and loved me regardless of my circumstances. I did only get sick in the throw up sense two times but my stomach still felt bad up until I was four or five months. I still stayed active and rode a bike. I had my ups and downs and it was nice to feel my baby move around and kick to let me she was there. I even remember when I saw her on the ultrasound my baby girl was kick her legs and waving her arms like she was dog paddling.

I got her this pendant that was an angel and had her birth stone in it and a bear as well as a shirt from the mountains. I know that being teen parent is supposed to be horrible but I tried to make the best of things.
What is something to me is the fact I never would have thought I would be a teen mom because I was a church going girl who went to Christian school, and prayed, and loved my family and tried to obey them even though I had my moments. It goes to show that teen pregnancy can happen to anyone.

The day my daughter was born was something else. I had started to go into early labour the day before I had her after being 8 days overdue. I had been noticing little contractions the whole day and when I went to the store with my mom I had started having some painful ones that caused me to stop and give myself time to recover. I had them from that afternoon until the morning when they got too unbearable.
I went to the doctor to be checked and they didn't think I was in labour but checked me anyway where they found out I was in definite labour so I was sent to the hospital where they broke my water and I spent the next 9 hours in painful labour. When it was time to push the nurse who tended me told me not to till the doc got there well it tore me up and turned a little blue but after it was over we were fine.

I love that girl she made my world even more wonderful when she arrived in it. My life wasn't ruined, but I was just given something more to take care of and I know being a teen mom is supposed to be this awful thing but even though I don't recommend any teen or any person who isn't married or prepared for a baby, I still think new life should be celebrated not mourned over. My daughter is older now and precious I love her and she has made my life wonderful.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for sharing your story and I am glad your daughter has brought such richness to your life.

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