Could I be pregnant?

I'm hoping my period doesn't come and that I am pregnant? I am only fifteen years old to start off. I had sex with my amazing boyfriend of six months on Monday, it is now Wednesday. He came in me, and if I'm not I will be relieved but devastated.
My nineteen year old sister knows and said if I haven't had my period two weeks from the Monday we did it, she will buy me a Home Pregnancy Test.
I immediately went and took a shower and cleaned it out. Is it still possible I'm pregnant?
My last period started June 28 and ended July 3, we had sex July 21. Even though it's only been two days I actually feel a bit nauseous despite it being way too early for symptoms. I told my boyfriend and he said no matter what he would still love me and stand by my side. I'm terrified I am pregnant, because of how bad my parents will yell at me. But I have also kind of already clung to the idea of being a mummy.

Editor's Comment

It is possible for you to be pregnant so if your period does not come when you would expect it I would advise a pregnancy test. You can find out where you can get a free pregnancy test and advice about unplanned pregnancy here.

This story was sent in on 23/07/2014

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