The first time I got pregnant I was 15.

By anonymous on 06/11/2014
Okay, the first time I got pregnant I was 15. I was really scared and upset, I didn't know what to do, I told my mum I was pregnant but since I don't live with her we couldn't hug it out and cry together. My mum was very supportive but a bit disappointed but she loved me to the moon and back. Once I told my boyfriend (at the time) he didn't talk to me for about a week and then he texted me saying he "didn't want it" I started thinking the same thing. So we decided to abort it. It was the worst decision of my life, I regret it everyday since then. After about a week my boyfriend broke it off between us which sent me into a even deeper depression. After about 2 months I started dating this other guy, we dated for 1 month before I thought I could tell him everything. Well I was sitting on a bus bench waiting for the bus and I told him I once had an abortion and after that he hated me and broke it off that night. We never slept together and it didn't really bother me that we broke up because if he couldn't handle my past then he couldn't handle me at all. Anyway, I met this new guy that I love dearly, I turned 16 after dating him for 3 months, we have been dating a year now, but in our first months of being together I fell pregnant, I didn't know how, I knew he had a condom on. The next week I told him I was pregnant, afraid of what he was going to say I started crying, he told me he was happy and will always be here for me and we sat there and cuddled for a couple of hours. I was 8 weeks pregnant and I got an bladder infection really bad and I was taking meds for it, anyway about 3 days after it stopped I got a bit crampy, about a week later me and my boyfriend were on our bed watching T.v and I sneezed, I thought I pee'd my pants so I quickly got to the toilet and instead there was blood.... after I told my boyfriend I burst into tears and cried and cried. I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant except my boyfriend. I had a miscarriage, I was so upset thinking I wish I never gotten an abortion, I was so stupid, and I started self harming when ever my boyfriend wasn't around. It was bad until I started talking to my mum and she told me at least you're doing well in school, getting an education and not worrying about taking care of a baby. I think about my babies everyday and never stop, well now I may be pregnant again with the same boyfriend I had my last baby too and I hope nothing happens to this one an I will NOT be getting an abortion. All of these pregnancies were accidental, I plan on telling my family when I'm around 8-9 weeks, I'm only 2 and a bit weeks at the moment. I support all teen mums no matter what age, as long as the pregnancy wasn't on purpose. My advise girls do not get an abortion, it will ruin your life more then having a baby. You have other options, and I hope you use one of those instead of aborting it. Don't be afraid to tell your parent that you're pregnant, you never know how they will react. I wish you all the best girls.

Editor's Comment

You have been through a lot of difficult experiences at a young age. I am amazed at what you have had to handle. If you need help or support please contact CareConfidential for unplanned pregnancy support.

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