My girlfriend is pregnant and she's 15 years old.

My girlfriend is pregnant and she's 15 years old.
She has this jab thing that stops her getting pregnant but she's done a test and she think she is.
I'm 17 years old I want to know what could happen to me.
I've been told I will spend 11 years in jail and I don't want to miss 11 years of my son or daughter's life.
We both want the child but it's a bad time as she's currently doing her exams, and I don't want her to fail them and ruin her life.
I don't want to miss 11 years of my child's life and I don't want to go to jail and she's 2-3 weeks pregnant and it's too late for an abortion, and we both don't agree with it but we are both worried what will happen to me. Thanks for your time.

Editor's Comment

In UK it is illegal to have a sexual relationship under the age of 16, but in practice if it was a consensual relationship and not a large age gap then legal action is not usually taken. You certainly would not be given a jail sentence of 11 years.
You would be very unlucky if your girlfriend has fallen pregnant on the injection as it is a very safe form of contraception if kept up to date.
If you chose abortion then this is legal in the UK up to 24 weeks of pregnancy so this is still an option, but it would be good to talk through your options especially if neither of you agree with abortion. If you need some help and support please follow the link for unplanned pregnancy support. or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

This story was sent in on 10/01/2015

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