A possible pregnancy at 15.

By anonymous on 23/01/2015
Okay. Me and my girlfriend are very concerned about the outcome of her possibly being pregnant. Please refrain from the whole " You're to young to be having kids, get rid of it" or " Find out if she's pregnant first" answers. She turns 16 March 23 of 2015 and I turn 18 April 23 of 2015. First of all, could there be any charges pressed against me by her guardians? The second question is a little bit complicated so I'm going to try to explain as much as I can. Her mother is dead and her father is not in the picture. So her aunt is the one who has custody of her. She is afraid that if she is pregnant, that her aunt will either not let me see the kid or move her away to where I'm not able to see it. Is she able to do that? and if so is there anything that I can do about it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Editor's Comment

It is illegal to have a sexual relationship under 16 and so it is always possible that your girlfriend's guardian could press charges.Your girlfriend is under age and sex is therefore illegal, but if you are having consensual sex, that is she has agreed and is capable of consenting, and you are only 2 years older then it is less likely to be taken to court, unless it was considered to be in her best interests. Once your girlfriend is 16 years old she will be able to take responsibility for her own medical care provided she is able to understand the consequences of her decisions. Technically her aunt is responsible for her until she is 18, but if she disagrees with a decision her aunt has made, then she can apply to family court to arbitrate in decision making.

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