I had my medical termination today

By anonymous on 16/06/2010
I had my medical termination today and decided to share my experience after reading through numerous other experiences last night.
I was 5 weeks gone when I discovered I was pregnant, totally unexpected as I was carefully using the contraceptive pill at the time. My boyfriend and I both decided that as our contraception had failed us and we were not ready to parent a child, an abortion was the best option for us both.

A medical termination

I visited my doctor who booked me into the hospital for my scan the following week. The nurse at the hospital was fantastic, and after my scan and blood tests she said I would probably prefer a medical termination, which I had already researched and decided on.
She arranged for my termination 2 weeks later, I was a bit disappointed at this length of wait (3 weeks since my doctor visit).

The first pill

My 2nd visit was a sunday, and I was again greeted by a lovely nurse who asked if I was still sure about my decision before giving me one pill to take. I was able to go home immediately. My only side effects from this was a headache later that evening, and slight bleeding early on tuesday morning.

$ vaginal tablets

My 3rd appointment was tuesday at 8am and two great nurses showed me to my room. I had my own toilet, flat screen tv, I was given a fan, magazines, ice cold water tea and toast! 4 tablets were inserted by the nurse into my vagina which was not painful at all. I was shown the procedure for using the toilet and told to rest for 20 minutes and after this time I felt cramping so was given pain relief. I then was advised to have a walk around my room, and by 9am I begun bleeding.
The nurses were surprised at the speed my body was reacting and 30 minutes later I felt what I can only describe as a 'drop' in my womb. I stood up, went to the bathroom, and pushed gently releasing the pregnancy sack. I was told to lie in bed for a further 25 minutes to see how my bleeding was and after a nice chat to the nurses about contraception and after care I got to go home.
I couldn't have asked for a more professional and comfortable setting for this procedure. I couldn't fault a thing and although I did have painful cramps, it was not the horrifying unbearable experience I feared it would be.
I knew this was the right choice for me from the start, and I have no regrets about having gone through with it. I feel that many ladies who write their stories on here either do so because they have had a bad experience, or are regretful of their choice.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for sharing your experience and I am glad that it was OK for you and that the staff were supportive. I don't think you can say that the stories from other women are written just because they had a bad experience or that they regreted their choice. We have to accept that for these women this was reality for them, and experiences do vary from person to person. I don't think anyone finds the experience or choice particularly easy, and usually hope that they won't find themselves in this position again.

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