I had a medical abortion today

By anonymous on 15/06/2010
I had a medical abortion today.
I was 7 weeks pregnant and did this on the NHS. I waited a week from when I first went in for a scan etc to when I went in yesterday for the first pill I had to take orally. I did not have any side effects from this at all. I went in this morning and the staff and nurses were all really pleasant and kind to me. I was given four small tablets to insert vaginally and I had to do this myself which I was pleased about. After this was done I sat with the nurse and she gave me the pill and talked me through what to expect. I was surprised to find I was allowed to go home, as long as I had someone with me able to take me back and stay the day with me. I found this a great ease as I would be in my own home and would not feel awkward or anxious being in hospital.

I took strong painkillers

I will be honest about fifteen minutes after inserting the pills I started to have pains, just like period pains but they quickly started to get worse. This really scared me as I knew there would be a lot more to come, nevertheless I took the stronger painkiller the nurse gave me in the car home. The pain then just seemed to stay the same like a period pain, I even went down to the shops to get some lunch to take my mind off things! When I returned however the pain rapidly increased, I noticed I had started bleeding and I sat on the toilet. The pain was quite severe and it made me feel sick and lightheaded, I did not have the energy to cry or moan about it I just sat and tried to breathe. It was difficult and I lay in the bath to try to get more comfortable, I passed two small clots and I went back into bed I was freezing for some reason despite being boiling hot before.

I am happy I was able to be at home

It is true I did have a feeling of needing to push slightly and pass something, after this happened the pain became more bearable and about two hours later more clots came out minus the horrible stomach cramps. I now still have bleeding but I am comfortable. Overall my experience at the hospital was good, and I am happy I was able to be at home with my boyfriend as I was very restless when the pain peaked. This experience has definitely taught me a lesson and I will never be careless in using contraception again as it has been a very painful experience both physically and emotionally.

Editor's Comment

Procedures vary from area to area. Some women are allowed to go home while others are required to stay in hospital until the abortion is complete. I am glad you had someone with you and that you felt comfortable and safe to be at home. For any help or support pre or post abortion please call 0300 4000 999.

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