We waited till 6 weeks then decided medical abortion was the best option

I found out I was pregnant when I was about 4 weeks. After having some bleeding I was sent to the hospital, but when they scanned me they couldn't see the pregnancy.

We waited till I was 6 weeks and I went for another scan, when they finally found the pregnancy.

After sooo much thinking me and my boyfriend decided abortion was the best option.

After visiting the clinic quite a few times, it was finally time for the first tablet, which I was fine with and I went to work afterwards.

The next day I went to the clinic and the nurse inserted my tablet.

I went home and the pains started about 2 hours later and I started bleeding about an hour and half after the pains started.

I also had the sweats, I felt soo sick. My hot water bottle helped me loads, I felt on another planet for the first 4 hours.

The pains did ease after I started bleeding. After the 8 hrs was up I felt fine I really didn't lose as much blood as the clinic said it could be much worse.

I was surprised that the abortion had happened as it wasn't anything like the way it was made out to me.

2 days on the blood flow is hardly nothing but im still getting cramps but feel fine in myself apart from the odd teary day.

This story was sent in on 18/07/2010

Editor's comment

Early medical abortion varies a lot from person to person. For some, it is a very painful experience while for others it is surprisingly easy. It probably varies a bit depending on how many weeks pregnant you are, as well as how much support you have.

For anyone that is struggling with the procedure or emotions around the abortion, there is support available - find a centre for post-abortion support in your area.

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