An early medical termination this week

By anonymous on 04/08/2010
I am 23 years old, have been in a relationship with my partner for 2 and a half years, and had a medical termination at the start of August to end my 7 week pregnancy.
I wish to be totally honest with my personal account, and it isn't exactly the nicest story to tell, but I feel it is important to give people as much information as possible to allow them to make an informed decision.
I like to talk, so I apologise if this is rather long-winded.
The pregnancy was a huge shock to me, as a Type.1 Diabetic, I noticed my blood sugars being very erratic and then my period was a few days late, so I took a test, thinking it would put my mind at ease and I was devastated with the result.
My boyfriend and I talked it through and decided that the best idea would be to have a termination, as we are not in the right place (financially, emotionally etc etc), I am starting Uni in September, and as a Type 1 Diabetic, I have to be very strict with my control and pregnancies should always be planned.
I requested a Doctor's appointment that day. The Doctor was very understanding but she could not sign off abortions, so I had to come back a few days later to see another Doctor who could. Over the next days I just tried my best to battle the tiredness, constant craving, constantly being emotional and just appreciated the people close to me who were willing to listen. I think my partner didn't realise how difficult it was being pregnant and not wishing to be, with something growing inside you, that you know is not going to be there for long. I don't blame my partner for this though, I think it's just a guy thing (in my opinion). I went to Doctor's 3 days later, my sister came with me. The Doctor I saw seemed quite judgemental and told me I would have to wait 3-4 weeks before being seen, I started crying as I felt so ill, and was worried about having to wait and be pregnant longer! She said that nothing could be done, when I left and told my sister, she went back in and demanded that I be seen sooner. I got a phone call later that day and told that my consultation was booked for the next week.

I had an Ultrasound scan and there was a heartbeat

At consultation, the Doctor and nurses were super, I honestly cannot praise them highly enough. The nurse asked me questions and I decided to have the Mirena coil fitted after the procedure. The Doctor performed an Ultrasound, which I asked to see, and to be honest did not really think looked like anything, although there was a heartbeat.
I knew then that I was doing the right thing.
I came back to take the mifepristone 3 days later, which was all very straight forward, I was asked again if I was sure and then took the tablet. I was asked to stay around for 10 minutes and if I was sick to come back. I left and wasn't sick, just felt incredibley tired and nauseous, although the pregnancy had made me feel like this, so not sure if it was this or not!! The next morning, I started to get a dull abdominal cramp, like period pains, but I went to work and carried on as normal. That night though, the pain was quite intense, I took 2 Ibuprofen and tried to not think about what was going to happen the next day. I turned up with my partner for my 2nd stage of treatment. The tablets being inserted was really horrible, very uncomfortable and the antibiotic in the back passage was such a weird feeling. I lay flat for over an hour, felt some slight twinges throughout this time, but nothing too severe.

I had very intense pain

Then the pain started to come, I asked my boyfriend to leave when I went to the toilet, just for some privacy, I had diarrhoea, the most humiliating thing was having to leave the bed pan for the nurse to check :( She came back and said that I had passed mucuous and that would suggest that I was about to pass the pregnancy quite soon). I had very intense pain at this point and had to ask for an anti-emetic to prevent nausea. I used a heat pack and slept as much as the pain would allow. When I felt the need to go to the toilet again, I felt something big come away, I knew it was the pregnancy, it was such a weird feeling! I got up got out the toilet and rang the buzzer, I did not look back.
The nurse said I had passed quite a lot of blood, along with the tissue. This is when I started to feel faint, dizzy, lethargic and really lifeless, apparently this was my body in slight shock, the most horrible feeling ever!! I rallied round after an hour or so, and started to feel my old self again.

I got quite upset about the feeling of passing the pregnancy

The whole thing hit me, and I'm glad my partner was there, we had a lovely hug and knew that no matter how hard this was, it was better than having a baby!
Afterward, I had to have an injection as I have A-negative blood, this wasn't painful at all. All-in-all I feel I had a pretty positive experience, although I wish I had never let it happen in the first place.
I'm glad that I had such wonderful Nurses to take care of me. I would never have been able to get through it without my family/friends support and I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be if you are not entirely sure of your decision. Good luck to anyone having to go through this, I just hope that you receive the wonderful care which I did.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for giving your account of an early medical abortion. I think it is important to have all the information when you have to make a decision as big as this. It was good that you had your partner as well as family and friends to support you.
One of the things that struck me about your story is your regret that you had got pregnant in the first place. Contraception is such an important thing to sort out and some methods are much safer than others. The Mirena coil was a good choice for you and the implant is also a very effective longterm method. At least with these you are not reliant on remembering to take a pill if you are not a good pill taker.
For anyone who feels they need to talk through an unplanned pregnancy, or need support during their post abortion recovery, there is a national helpline 0300 4000 999 with trained advisors who are able to help you and answer all your questions. You can also access Online advisor or find a centre for pregnancy choices support in your area.

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