A 16 year old girl who is 16 weeks pregnant

By anonymous on 15/12/2010
heya I am a 16 year old girl, I don't go to college and I haven't got a job. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I have decided I'm not ready to be a mum. Is it too late to have a medical abortion? and what are the emotional effects if I had the abortion as in the past I have been a little depressed and I have self harmed. I am not with the baby's dad and he wants nothing to do with the baby. I wanted the whole family thing, and I want to do the whole marriage before baby thing but I feel so alone being pregnant with no one to rely on... what can I do ... my father even wants me to keep it. He says it's a life and I can't kill it now. Why didn't I do it before but to be honest I haven't truly wanted this kid from day one... where should I go to get an abortion?

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though you are feeling quite low at the moment and you could do with some help and support. You are too late for an early medical abortion which is offered between 5 and 9 weeks of pregnancy. Usually at this stage you would be offered a surgical abortion under general anaesthetic and this is done at an abortion clinic such as BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) or Marie Stopes under the NHS.
It is important to think through your decision carefully as a later abortion does have increased health risks for you. Physically, there is a slightly increased risk of damage to your womb, and cervix, as well as infection and bleeding. Mentally and emotionally abortion does sometimes cause depression, and feelings of guilt and regret. This is more common in women who have already suffered from depression.
It would also be good to think through the adoption option which for some women is a positive choice, and easier now that there is an open adoption scheme where you can have some contact with your baby after adoption. If you would like to talk to a trained advisor about more information around these choices there are 3 options. You can log into Online advisor; you can call the national helpline; or you can go to a centre in your area for pregnancy counselling and support. Have a look at the website and decide how you want to access this help.

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