Confused & alone at home for hours after clinic consultants nay-say medical abortion pain

I am writing this because I should really have had honest advice as to the pain levels of medical abortion instead of being told by the clinic "its like a bad period pain" which is absolute rubbish.

3 hours after taking the 2nd tablet, I was lying on the bathroom floor in the most intense agonising pain for 3 hours, all the while vomiting.

No amount of heat pads or pain relievers before the time helped.

My boyfriend was traumatised and called the helpline asking if he can take me to the hospital and I thought I was literally dying.

I have not had the surgical option but if ever I could go back and choose, I would go for the anaesthetic surgical option as even if the pain is as bad, the experience does not leave you confused and alone at home for hours basing your estimations on clinic consultants that nay-say the pain.

This story was sent in on 12/01/2011

Editor's comment

This sounds a very distressing experience and I agree with you that you should be told the level of pain can vary enormously. We have had some stories describing mild to moderate pain that was well controlled, while others like you experience very intense pain. I am sure it is made worse by the uncertainty and fear that something is seriously wrong. I would encourage you to write to the clinic and let them know so that the information they give women is more accurate.

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