I had a medical abortion this morning

By anonymous on 19/03/2011
I had a medical abortion this morning and I felt the need to share my experience on this site as the experiences I read before the termination were extremely helpful and prepared me for the procedure.
I found out I was pregnant just over a week ago, I was beyond shocked it seemed un-real and dream-like. I knew straight away that I didn't want to go through with the pregnancy.. I'm young, I've just started my career, I do not have the financial support and above all I wasn't ready for a child.

It has been the hardest decision I've had to make.

I was booked in for a consultation at the Liverpool Women's hospital last monday and they recorded my height and weight, took my blood pressure and two samples of blood and explained the procedure of an early medical abortion.
I would be given one tablet to take orally which will end the pregnancy and then 2 days later 4 tablets to insert into my vagina which will ensure I pass the pregnancy. In between appointments I read quite a few horror stories about the pain and the experience in general which made me really scared. I was more scared of seeing the foetus than the pain and this is something that played on my mind. I'm not naïve but I honestly didn't think at 6-7 weeks pregnant that the foetus would have taken shape I also didn't realise the procedure was so complex and for this reason I think young girls should be more educated about the abortion facts.
So on the first appointment I took the oral tablets they kept me in the waiting area for 30 minutes to ensure I was not ill. I had to wait 48 hours to go back and I felt no pains, no different at all. I did have some slight bleeding after a while though.
On the 2nd appointment I was shown to my room and given 4 tablets to insert in my vagina and I was told to lay down for an hour. I didn't really feel anything for the first 90 minutes but then I started to get period like pains I'd say a 2-3/10 on a pain threshold these continued for about an hour and I had some bleeding.

Then suddenly the pain increased and I vomited.

For about 5-10 minutes I had severe cramping where I needed pain killers. I didn't move from the toilet as I was in too much pain. I then felt something pass (it felt like a lump or bubble) and the pain immediately subsided. The nurse came in and took the bedpan and said I'd passed the fetus. I did not look and did not want to I think it would have been too traumatic. I then went the toilet and passed a few larger clots (I still did not look) and the nurse confirmed it all had passed. This was about 6 hours ago and I've had some bleeding since like a heavy period and a bit of pain but only minor... Pain killers aren't needed. I feel quite numb now. I know I made the right decision and feel relief maybe but I do also feel sadness.

Editor's Comment

I think early medical abortion is sometimes portrayed as similar to taking emergency contraception, and as you say it is more complex and very much a medical procedure. It is very natural to feel sad after going through an abortion. You feel a sense of loss, and perhaps imagine what might have been. If you need support there are 3 options. You can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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