The grief of a grandmother

Tears claw at my throat, climbing upwards to my pained face. My heart is overwhelmed at my loss. I will not hold you in my arms, for your life has been taken from me. I prayed; I cried; I tried. I wanted you. They decided you were not to be. You are an inconvenience at this time - but not to me. I would have loved you. I would have raised you as my own. But that would have been too painful for them. So they killed you instead. I'm so sorry - little one. Wait for me - in Heaven. Your loving grandmother xxx

Editor's Comment

Your pain and distress are very evident, and it sounds as though you were prepared to give a lot of help and support. I am sorry that this abortion has left you grieving for your grandchild, and I think this grief is often hidden in families. Trained advisors at one of the pregnancy centres on this website would be pleased to see you and try to help you at this sad and difficult time. Please contact someone through the helpline or through a centre in your area.

This story was sent in on 19/03/2011

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