A poem to SAMMY

I have my story on this site already. I am seeing a counsellor (in Bognor Regis....oh how I wish I knew about you before my termination)
I feel that Careconfidential should be made available to EVERYONE before they make a decision like this, it is life changing, heart breaking and relationship destroying......the GP I saw and the clinic and the hospital NEVER told me anything about the after effects, nor did I get proper informed medical advice on my situation. This has come to light through my counselling and with that age old thing....time.
I have written a poem to 'SAMMY' and I would like to share it with you and hope that there is a place for it on your site to make others think more....

A poem to Sammy

Not a day goes by that I do not regret the termination of my unborn child Baby Blue
Never will I see your face or hold you close to me
Never will I feel your touch as gentle as can be
Never will I hear you cry to tell me that you're here
Never will I ever get to wipe away your tears
You were a blessing Baby Blue sent from high above and while you are not here with me you will always have my love
Always in my mind you'll be and forever in my heart
The pain and guilt I feel inside is tearing me apart
If only I had listened To the heart inside me cry
Telling me the grief to come
The day I made you die
Safe inside and warm within you put your trust in me I was to take care of you
'Mummy' I would never be
Did you feel the pain that day
Did you cry out in fear as they tore you away from me
Did you shed a tear I cried so hard when you were gone With part of me gone too
I never will forgive myself for what I put you through
Life will never be the same since that horrendous day
But you are with me everywhere
And every day I pray I pray that you forgive me
I pray you're safe above With angels watching over you
I pray you feel my love
I am so sorry Baby Blue
My heart it weeps inside
My life will never be the same since the day that your life died

Editor's Comment

Thank you for sharing such a personal expression of your feelings. I am sure that it helps to express your sadness and grief for your loss. I am really glad that you have received help and support from the centre in Bognor Regis.

This story was sent in on 05/04/2011

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