A medical abortion at 15

By anonymous on 14/06/2011
I am 15 and a half, and I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now. We had unprotected sex and about two weeks later I had signs so I took a test and it came up with the two lines for positive.
I did another one soon after just to check and I had the same result... I didn't want my parents to know because I didn't want to disappoint them... So my boyfriend and I went to a clinic where they talked me through both procedures and I chose the medical termination because there are risks of bursting the womb surgically.
Anyway my sister saw something on my computer and told my mum and I did tell my mum... She was disappointed and worried but seriously if you're my age you should tell your parent, my mum has supported me through all of this!
my mother and father aren't together anymore and I'm closer to mum. I did have second thoughts because I felt so evil and cruel about what I was doing, but this would narrow so many chances in life. I told a couple friends but be careful who you tell it might get out.
Anyway I went to this place for a 3 hour appointment and I had to have a scan, see a counsellor, a nurse, and then a doctor. They gave me two appointments at the hospital...

On the friday I went in and got a tablet that actually kills the baby.

I was emotional and feeling very guilty.. Then that sunday I went in the hospital at half eight and the woman inserted 4 tablets manually up the vagina.. About half an hour later cramping started occuring. It got worse and worse I got told it would be like contractions and bad period pains... It varies in different woman but I was in a lot of pain.
I got given paracetamols but I had diarrhoea and then sickness so she gave me anti sickness and I was groaning because of the pain. Then she gave me much stronger stuff which reduced the pain loads!
Everytime I went to the toilet I had to wee and let anything from my vagina go out in special waste pots so they could see where I was at.. I fell asleep and then used the toilet again and there was a lot of blood, and small clots. I did tell my dad in the end, he was also supportive. I had some food and then went to the toilet because I was in pain sitting up, and a big sac, the size of my fist came out. I couldn't see inside it though it was covered in blood.. The nurse said that was it then she had to give me four antibiotic tablets and inset one like a bullet up my bum.
I went home had some further blood clots and it was like a heavy period. At my age it is worth it because I have so much to achieve and do in my life and I've got plenty of time for a family. I felt guilty, very, but there's suffering with guilt or you could screw exams and future jobs up.
I know I made the right decision. If you're on your own through this or you're around my age I would tell your parent trust me, they might be angry, upset, disappointed.. but you will have that support through it all, and they will always be there for you. All of the nurses are very good at their jobs and make you feel comfortable, they've seen it all before.. Stay strong through it all and good luck it will all be ok in the end. <3

Editor's Comment

you have been through a difficult experience but you sound strong and confident at the end of it. It is good that you had the support from your Mum and Dad, and as you say although it is hard to pluck up the courage to tell them, you were glad they were their when you needed them. It is easy to take that risk of unprotected sex but very hard to deal with the consequences. I am sure you have been given information now on a safe form of contraception.

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