An illegal medical abortion.

Hi, I just turned twenty and I had my abortion last two weeks.
I did a medical abortion using 6 pills of cytotec, and I did alone. I found out I was almost 3 months pregnant, and me coming from a very very strict family I couldn't keep it. In my country, it's very illegal to do this but I had to make my choice as I was just starting my diploma.
I bought the pills with my boyfriend whom I dated for three years. At 11pm that night, I took 3 pills orally and 3 pills inside my vagina. 30 minutes later, I started having this strong cramps, shivering and diarrhoea. An hour later, I fell asleep. At 2am, cramps start coming again, worser that normal period. This continued until 6am, I couldn't sleep. I was so weak and dizzy. At 6.45am my water broke, and at 7am, I started bleeding. It was ALOT of blood, and then I passed "him" out. Around the size of my palm. he was perfect: arms, legs, eyes, nose and penis. I pushed again, and the placenta came out. At this point, I no longer have cramps. just bleeding alot. My boyfriend buried him that day. Now its been 2 weeks since, and I still bleed like normal periods. I still cry to this day, I feel so guilty. I didn't know he was that complete. I'm sorry sayang.

Editor's Comment

It must have been distressing for you to see a fully formed fetus, especially if you were not aware of the development at this stage.
It is very risky to obtain tablets and do what you did as you have no way of knowing the true strength and content of the tablets you bought. If something had gone wrong or you had reacted to the tablets, there would have been no medical back up, and no one would have known exactly what you had taken.
I would never advise anyone to take this route however desperate you feel. You are feeling a lot of grief now and I would encourage you to get help from the website. You can log on confidentially to Online advisor.

This story was sent in on 19/07/2011

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