I'm 30, don't have children, and knew instantly I'd have a termination

I had an early medication abortion this morning and wanted to tell my story to help other women who may scared of the process.

I am 30 years old and do not have children. I found out I was pregnant just over two weeks ago following quite a casual relationship.

I've always wanted to have a baby, but at the moment don't think that I am 'set up' in the best way to provide stability for a child. So I knew instantly that I would have a termination.

My first tablet was taken on Thursday morning and although I had suffered from terrible nausea, tiredness and headaches during this pregnancy.

I felt well enough to return to work after the appointment.

I went to the hospital at 6am this morning and was immediately told to insert four tablets vaginally and an antibiotic pessary into my anus.

I was told to sit in the waiting room and return to the doctor at 8am.

During that time I felt cramping as if I was about to start my period. They would come in waves and increase in strength before dying off again.

About 1½ hours into my wait, I went to the toilet and saw that I has begun to bleed.

At 8am, I returned to the doctor who gave me two more tablets and some painkillers for the 'contractions' and was told to wait a further 20 minutes; after that I would be allowed to go home.

I left the hospital shortly after. Still in pain, but it was fairly manageable as I used to have really painful clot-like periods. This felt very similar. I even managed to run for the bus, something that I would never have thought possible.

Back home, I continued to pass clots and a jelly-like mass no bigger than the palm of my hand, which I genuinely believe was the gestational sac.

The pain has continued to ebb and flow along with the bleeding and the clots but overall I'm feeling ok.

One other point I must add is that I did have a terrible bout of diarrhoea which unnerved me. 

Emotionally I'm fine.

This story was sent in on 26/07/2011

Editor's comment

It sounds as though your experience has been fairly straight forward, and your decision to end your pregnancy seemed very clear cut for you.

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