A problem with the abortion pill

I'm 37, I took abortion pills on May 13,2011 one orally and next 24 hours inserted three in my vagina.
I had heavy bleeding for one hour, not too bad. I have been spoting ever since I took the Pills.
On July 3,2011. I was bleeding heavy. I soaked four pads every hour for three hours, then blood reduce. I though that was the end of it but spotting continued, then July 21, while I was in Manhattan in sephora store, I felt heavy flow of blood coming down, I had blood on my legs, I ran in the restroom, I sat on the toilet bowl for almost two hours with heavy blod clots and blood coming out, I was very scared.
I called an ambulance and I went to the ER. I lost so much blood that I started feeling dizzy. The nurse gave me put up a drip, and I felt much better.
After three hours, I had a huge blood clot coming out of me, the size of a lemon. I was observed for 8 hours, and when the blood stopped they sent me home.

Dr said I must of had some part of the fetus still inside of me

Or the pill took a long time to expel the fetus,and decided to work now. It has been almost three months, I still bleed, but not that much.
Today is August 2,2011, I'm still bleeding on/off every three hours. I'm praying that my cycle goes back to normal and my life returns back to normal. I know most people had good experience with the pill, but for me it almost cost me my life. The abortion pill almost kill me. I would not recomend it. I have been wearing maxi pads, panti-liners, ever since I took the pill. I hope God forgives me and restore my life and my cycle. Best thing to do is to prevent pregnancy.

Editor's Comment

Your experience has been very frightening and I am surprised there has not been more medical intervention. When the consent form is signed for a medical abortion one of the risks outlined is that the abortion could be incomplete, and in this situation a D and C is often performed under general anaesthetic to remove any retained products. If your bleeding continues you should go back to your doctor as you could be at risk of infection if you still have some retained tissue from the pregnancy.
This story was sent in on 10/08/2011

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