The pregnancy was so early my only option was the medical abortion

By anonymous on 10/08/2011
medical abortion abortion 6 weeks

Early Medical Abortion - a good experience I'm 24 years old

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks - took a test 2 days after I missed my period, having felt exhausted and not like myself for the past 2 weeks.

I knew as soon as the test showed positive that I couldn't keep the baby - I'm still studying and not financially stable.

I made an appointment with the GP the next day and had a consultation at the hospital 2 days later. By this stage I was starting to get horrendous morning sickness - nausea and vomiting all day every day, and constant exhaustion as well as period-like pains.

The consultation was straightforward

A scan showed I was nearly 5 weeks along. I had blood tests and urine tests and was given anti-sickness tablets which stopped the vomiting but not the nausea. As the pregnancy was so early my only option was the medical abortion. I was booked in to take the first tablet a week later. It could have been sooner but I was going away.

I had the second appointment on the Monday morning where I was given painkillers and the tablets were inserted. I was just 6 weeks gone by this stage. I was then allowed to go home.

I had spent the weekend reading stories on this site and others about awful pain, so I was terrified

I went home and lay on the sofa with some hot water bottles, and the pain steadily increased from mild period pains to severe over about 2 hours. It suddenly got really bad and I felt like I needed to 'push', so I went to the toilet. There was some blood but nothing really happened.

About 10mins later I had the same feeling, and this time something, which I'm assuming was the pregnancy, came out. I didn't look in the toilet (as I was advised by others on this site) and tbh I probably wouldn't have seen anything as there was quite a bit of blood.

I took the first tablet on the Friday afternoon. I was still feeling nauseous from the morning sickness and the tablet didn't make any difference one way or the other.

I had some bleeding during the night on Friday which continued over the weekend until my appointment on Monday morning for the second tablets, and some mild period pain (and continuing nausea!).

As soon as it came out I immediately felt better. It was such a sudden transformation.

I had mild period pains for the rest of the day and some bleeding and clots - no worse than a medium-heavy period - for the rest of the day, mostly just when I went to the loo.

It's now 2 days later and it's down to light period levels. The pain was bad, but it actually only lasted for about 30mins at its most intense. The couple of hours before that were manageable - I didn't even take the codeine provided as I thought it would get much worse. I had no vomiting, no diarrhoea, I even had lunch about an hour afterwards.

My boyfriend was there with me and I'd been preparing him for the worst and he couldn't believe how smoothly it went.

At first I was worried that it hadn't even worked it had been so easy, but I spoke to a nurse later in the day who reassured me that it probably had, and that everyone's body is different.

I'm having a scan next week to check, but I was having such awful morning sickness and sore swollen breasts and all that stopped almost immediately.

I feel so lucky and so relieved, and so glad to have my life back.

Editor's comment

Thanks for posting your experience which gives readers another viewpoint. Morning sickness can be very intense and make you feel terrible but it is possible to get medication for this if it is very bad. If you decide on having a baby later on in your life this may be something to remember.

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