A medical abortion at 8 weeks

By anonymous on 14/10/2011
I had a medical abortion at just under 8 weeks (although the scan showed it to be 7 weeks). I took the abortion pill on Monday and had the 4 internal tablets today.
My reason for having an abortion was lack of support from my family, and also the baby's father who had recently cheated on me and talked down to me when I said I was considering keeping the baby.
It's been the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but up to now I am feeling slight relief to know it is over and I don't have to be attached to my ex in anyway at all now. He also lives in America now and so it would not have been fair on the child to only see his or her dad only twice a year!

The main thing I want to get across to those considering an abortion is that I would not recommend a medical abortion at all! yes it was all over within 6 hours but the pain was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I couldn't even drink water and keep it down, I was throwing up for the first 2 hours and the pains where not eased by the codeine. They aren't 'bad period pains' as some medical people say... they are more comparable with labour pains and I felt like it was never going to be over! Just consider your choices before you make a decision! my clots where also a lot larger than I was told they would be, one actually felt like I had to push slightly to pass it! I hope if you are reading this you really consider how serious a 'medical abortion' is as tame as it sounds.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for telling us how you found the experience of a medical abortion. Everyone's experience is a little different, but it helps to know that for some people this is a very painful and traumatic experience. Most women can choose between a medical or surgical abortion, and it is important to get all the information about different options before you make a decision. Accurate information is available through Careconfidential.find a centre for pregnancy choices support in your area.

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