I was scared before my abortion because I'd read so many terrible stories, so I'm writing to shed some "positive" light

By anonymous on 04/01/2012
medical abortion

I had a medical abortion just recently. It was a very hard decision, but it was the right one for me.
I was terribly scared and I read so many stories online about women getting infections, horrible pain and death. Needless to say I was quite reluctant... so, I am writing this to shed some "positive" light on this, if you can classify it as such.

I went to the doctor, and they gave me a vaginal ultrasound and a urine test to verify that I was pregnant.

After this they give you the first pill (mifeprex) in the office, which cuts off the progesterone (mind my spelling), which is what helps the baby continue to grow. The day after taking this pill, I was very nauseous and threw up a few times.

I also started bleeding lightly. They give you preventative antibiotics to make sure you won't get an infection, which you start the night of the first pill.

36 hours later, I took the prescribed pain medication and four more pills (misoprostol). These had to be dissolved bucally, in between the cheek and gum. That took about an hour, and they had no taste.

As soon as they had dissolved I started bleeding a bit heavier. This was at 1 a.m. the cramps kicked in about half an hour later, and at first they were just like bad period cramps.

I was back and forth to the bathroom, passing lots of clots and a decent amount of blood. Never did I fill up one whole pad.

Around 3, the cramps got pretty bad, worse than period pain, and this lasted until about 5. By this time I had taken 2 more pain pills, and was drowsy. The pain started to subside and I fell asleep.

I bled a good amount for the next two days and had a little bit of cramping, but nothing major. The bleeding continued for about 2 weeks, but it was light. I continued on the antibiotics until they were completed.

My 2 week check up was a few days ago and they did another urine test and another vaginal ultrasound to make sure everything was out, which it was.

The bleeding has since stopped and life has returned to normal. All signs of pregnancy were gone about a week after the abortion.

The process was sad and yes, it hurts a bit for a while, but its manageable pain.

I hope this helps anyone that is considering this. To me, it was a lot less invasive than surgery, and from what I hear a lot less traumatic and way less painful.

Good luck and keep your head up!

Editor's comment

Thanks for describing your experience of a medical abortion. Everyone has a different view and this can vary according to how many weeks pregnant you are, but for some women, it appears to be a very difficult and painful procedure while others cope much better with it. If you need any post-abortion aftercare or support please contact a centre for post-abortion support in your area.

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