A sequel to the 7 week medical abortion

By anonymous on 15/01/2012
I wanted to follow up on the 7 week medical abortion. I would like to add I did start taking the pop on my first day of bleeding.
6 days after the termination I started bleeding heavily and passing bigger clots. Eventually I was driven to a and e, and within an hour I was in theatre having an evacuation of retained products of conception (erpc). I lost a lot of blood and had 2 units transfused. I was very scared.
This whole process has left me traumatised, from the start of the mood swings to eventually being hospitalised. It has taken a good 2 months out of mine and my family's life, if I didn't have such a supportive partner I don't know how things would have gone.

I haven't had a chance to grieve for the baby, in some ways I don't feel I deserve to.

I'm still not anywhere near 100 percent but life goes on.
There is a risk of needing surgical intervention after a medical termination which we are all told about, however I would like others to know about my experience.
I am a grown woman with a supportive family, the importance of support is paramount. I find it hard to write my experience down but it may help others in their decision. I will never go through this again, I will be going back to the method that had always worked for me (condoms) and **if this situation arises again there will be no abortion**

Editor's Comment

Thank you for this update. I am so sorry that you have had such a difficult experience. As you say everyone is warned about possible surgical intervention, but you don't expect it to happen to you.
I hope that your contraception works for you in the future. Condoms are very effective if 'used properly every time'. I do believe that you have the right to grieve for the child you have lost, and if you would like support in the future please contact CareConfidential.

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