I had a termination on 7th July 2006. It was the hardest and most traumatic experience of my life.

I had a termination on 7th July 2006. It was the hardest and most traumatic experience of my life. I was very unlucky and had a traumatic experience. I still have nightmares to this day. I was seven weeks pregnant. I am still in a very happy and loving relationship with the father who was very supportive. We made the decision together, and were both happy with the decision. However, the clinic I visited was full of incompetent nurses and doctors. I had the abortion and straight after I knew something was very wrong. I was losing so much blood. I thought I was dying. I couldn't walk from the pain. I told the nurses and was told to go home - TEN minutes following the procedure, whilst still under the influence of a very strong sedation drug. I got home and the pain became unbearable. I phoned my GP who told me to go straight to the hospital. Tests showed that the termination had been incomplete causing a huge infection in my womb. If it hadn't been treated it would have gone septic. This could, in the worst case scenario, have caused death. Not to mention, definite infertility. A horrendous experience. Make sure if you want a termination to pick a reputable clinic and take someone you trust with you. Never leave the clinic if you feel very ill and get a check up soon after. Thanks for sharing your story…complications can certainly occur following terminations and you wisely contacted your GP when you felt things weren’t right. The experience of the medical procedure has obviously affected you quite deeply and I sense you are cross, even angry, about it. You must have been quite scared in that situation. What are the nightmares you are having? Recurrent dreams are one sign that you might need some assistance in coming to terms with the experience and I’m curious to know whether they are about the physical or medical aspects of the procedure or the loss of the pregnancy itself. Either way, you might like to talk with someone further about it at some point and the helpline would be a good place to start if you feel you’d like some support.
This story was sent in on 07/06/2007

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