My surgical abortion wasn't that bad

By anonymous on 05/06/2012

I'm 20 years old & I live in Alabama.

I have no kids & still live with my parents while going to school.

This all started when my boyfriend didn't tell me when the condom broke.

Two tests confirmed the pregnany

I wasn't feeling right one day after work & decided to get a pregnancy test. I just got 2 cheap ones from the dollar tree. Well sure enough they had 2 pink lines.

I was freaking out! So I immediately start searching abortion clinics in my area that help with financial assistance.

You have to have abortion counselling in Alabama

I made an appointment to have my ultrasound & counseling done, because in the state of Alabama you must have counseling 24 hours prior to your abortion.

So I get to my first appointment & find out I'm 4.2 weeks along.

They show me videos about both kinds of abortion; medical & surgical. I wasn't sure which one I wanted to pick. I went home & did nothing but think about this thing inside me & how I couldn't have a kid right now.

I have a niece & she's enough for me!

My appointment was 5 days later for my procedure.

I still hadn't decided whether to have a medical or surgical abortion

I go sign in & the lady asked me if I had decided which one I would like done & I explained I was still unsure.

She reassured me that she had the surgical done by the same doctor in the clinic. So I trusted her & went ahead with the surgical.

It wasn't that bad really

They gave me some Demerol & nausea medicine in my arm to make me drowsy. Trust me, it worked.

He used the speculum to open my vagina & look at my cervix. Then he numbed my cervix with these shots. The shots weren't too bad. They just stung a bit.

Then he dilated me which made me cramp some. I just held the nurses hand & squeezed.

The next thing I knew, it was over.

They took me to the recovery room, where I pretty much passed out.

I've had very little bleeding since I left the clinic at 4 today. I'm just relieved it's over with.

I would go with the surgical again if I ever had too. Which I hope won't be anytime soon, because I eventually want kids :)

Editor's Comment

Thanks for telling us your story about your surgical abortion.

It was a shock for you to find out you were pregnant and your decision to terminate the pregnancy has given you relief.

It would be worth getting a long acting contraception that would ensure you don't find yourself in this situation again.

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