I had a medical abortion four days ago.

By anonymous on 22/06/2012
I had a medical abortion four days ago. I’ve decided to share my story because when I was waiting for the appointment I began reading about other people’s experiences and I found that most of those shared online were quite frightening and often very negative. In the event, I had a relatively positive experience, so I hope someone waiting for their appointment will read this and feel a little less anxious about the process.

What probably helped was that I was 5 weeks pregnant, so it was pretty early, and also I didn’t feel any doubt about the decision – I won’t go into the details, but basically my husband and I were in complete agreement and knew it was our only real option.

I took the first pill on Saturday and felt fine all day. On the Sunday I went out for lunch and had a glass of wine. When I came back I had a slight headache, which I put down to the wine, and then a little diarrhoea, but nothing major. Around 4pm, I felt a rush of liquid and so went to the loo – I was bleeding and I passed some large clots. It didn’t hurt at all, just like a normal period but with more blood. The next day I went to take the second lot of pills. I told them I thought I may have passed the pregnancy the previous day, but we decided to go ahead anyway. I inserted the pills and was able to go home immediately. My husband took the day off work so he could look after me. We sat waiting for the cramps to start, but nothing happened, I just kept bleeding and passing small clots without any pain. In the end, I did a few things around the house and my husband had a nap. Four days later, I’m still bleeding heavily which is a bit inconvenient but not painful or frightening at all.

Overall, the experience wasn’t easy emotionally – we still feel sad about it, and the waiting period was awful – but physically the actual termination was fairly easy and not scary. In fact it was much less traumatic than I was expecting.

Editor's Comment

The experience that women have during a medical abortion varies enormously. Some find it extremely painful and traumatic, while others like you anticipate a painful experience and find it relatively easy. There don't seem to be any hard and fast rules. It sounds as though you were settled on your decision from the start and having the medical abortion at 5 weeks probably helped. I hope that you are able to process some of your painful emotions, but please call the national helpline if you need any help or support.You can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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