I was pregnant to a married man and just went into fear and shock.

I was 32 when I found out I was pregnant, I had never been pregnant before. I was pregnant to a married man and just went into fear and shock. I felt I was unable to continue with the pregnancy. I contacted the Plymouth Pregnancy Crisis Centre and was able to see someone that day. I was in a very vulnerable state. I was not judged at all for my situation.

I was given all the facts about the termination process in a non-biased way.

I was also able to explore the possibility of continuing with the pregnancy and the help and support I could receive. I still felt unable to continue with my pregnancy even though I desperately wanted to keep my baby. I was encouraged by friends and family to terminate my pregnancy which I did. I was suicidal after the termination, the Pregnancy Crisis Centre were there for me and supported me through the following years while I tried to come to terms with what I had been through. I am very grateful to have had the non biased, non-judgmental and understanding support I have received from the Plymouth Pregnancy Crisis Centre. I don't feel as though I would have come through it without them.

Editor's Comment

You were obviously in a very difficult situation and felt unable to face this situation without the support of a partner. Your heart longed to keep the baby but the circumstances seemed insurmountable. I am glad that in the midst of your crisis you found the help and support you needed.
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