A medical abortion at Marie Stopes

By anonymous on 20/11/2012
I just wanted to share my story.. somehow it puts me at ease to write about it.

I found out that I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. I am not together with the guy,in fact,I hardly know him. It was very silly of me to do what I did, but hey, we all make mistakes,that's how we learn.

I first thought I might be pregnant when I started to feel very tired, my boobs were really sore,and I had nausea basically all day long. I went to get a test, just in case... after about 4-5 minute wait,it came back positive... I did not know what to feel ,or think,or even do. By this time,I did not talk to the guy at all, so I wasn't expecting anything from him, I just had to tell him, I thought it was his responsibility too. Id' love to say more,but let's focus on the subject.

Next day I went to see a nurse in a family planning clinic. Everybody was lovely,and very professional. When I said to the nurse about me wanting an abortion,she told me everything about the different procedures, and I found that very helpful.

She referred me to Marie Stopes in London.

Here I had to wait quite a long time for an appointment. When I finally got one, I was prepared for a surgical termination there and then, as I requested only one visit at the clinic. I had to wait absolutely aaages in the waiting room, I was in agony. They finally called my name 2 hours after my original appointment time. I had to go with a nurse to a private room, where she would check my blood pressure,get a blood sample,some basic information about my medication, and most importantly, a scan. The scan is probably the worst thing, not because its physically painful,or anything, and it might not be the worst for you..but in my case, it was horrible. First of all, the nurse did not turn the monitor away, I had to close my eyes not to see. Secondly,after she did the printed snapshots,she tore them off the machine,and put it on the table right in front of me.

I couldn't see anything, apart from a tiny dot, but it felt very uncomfortable,and upsetting.

Anyway, I was only 5 weeks gone, so the nurse asked me if I was sure about the surgical procedure, and she let me know that I could have a medical procedure, and that would cause less damage, as I was very early in my pregnancy.
I decided to have the medical treatment. I had a new appointment for next day (today) in the morning, to take my first pill. I took the tablet, and straight after they let me go. I did not experience any side effects from the first tablet. No dizziness,or nausea, nothing at all. I had to go back to the clinic 6 hours later, to get the second half of the medication. I was absolutely terrified by this point, because I have read all the horror stories on the internet. I was having panic attacks,I kept crying from nervousness and at the clinic, they made me wait 2 1/2 hours before they finally called me.
I did not have anyone there with me at that point, but I knew that my friend would be here soon. I kept telling them, but they refused to give me the medication until I was accompanied by someone. I ended up waiting until their closing time, as my friend had trouble finding the clinic.

The nurse gave me 2 antibiotics,and one anti-sickness tablet, and the 4 tablets,I had to place between my gum and cheeks. Also she gave me another set of antibiotics to take home, and take tomorrow. Shortly after this, they told me I could go, ordered me a cab, and gave me some good advice. I still had the tablets dissolving in my mouth hours after leaving the clinic.
I had no symptoms whatsoever for 2 hours. Then I started to have mild cramps, hardly noticeable. They lasted for about an other hour, before getting stronger. I still didn't feel anything extraordinary. About an hour ago I started to experience some strong cramps, and the urge to go to the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I felt some bits slipping out of me, probably it was the fetus or some clots. Since then I have had light bleeding, and mild pain.

If that was it, then I consider myself very lucky to have this little pain, but for some reason I doubt that I got away with this little. Anyway I'm going to try and go to sleep, and hopefully it will be all over by the morning.

Editor's Comment

It does help to write things down as it helps you to process what is happening to you. I think everyone has a different experience, and hopefully this is balanced if you read a few accounts on websites, although the 'horror stories' may well stand out in your mind. I hope you are feeling better and don't forget if you need post abortion support it is available through the CareConfidential website, helpline, or Online advisor.

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