I had a medical abortion at 7 weeks

By anonymous on 23/05/2013
I had a medical abortion at 7 weeks about a year ago. I want to share my story because it is important to trust your gut reaction and what you know you want rather than allow yourself to feel guilty and ashamed.
I was a week late on my period I did a test and instantly knew I didn't want to keep it. I wasn't with the dad and didn't want to be with the dad! I made a stupid mistake and didn't want a child to suffer by being passed from parent to parent and wonder why we weren't together.
I booked into bpas and within 2 weeks I'd been to all 3 appointments (consultation, first and second pill). I was quite lucky really, I had no pain whatsoever and very little bleeding. I would advise getting an early morning appointment for the second pills so you can go straight home and rest all day. I think this helped me! I also took 2 co-codamol before my appointment and continued to take them until I'd passed the pregnancy. A hot water bottle was nice too! For me it was over very quickly. I felt a sort of clump come out when I went to the toilet and I knew that was it. I had very little bleeding after, just like a normal period.
The initial thought of abortion was scary and shameful and I was concerned about long term damage but it was a relief when it was over and I don't regret my decision.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a medical abortion. I think when you are faced with a decision like this it is helpful to listen to your head and your heart. For some people the circumstances may not be ideal but abortion goes against their values or beliefs. Choosing abortion could be more painful for someone like this. For others they clearly know the decision they want to make and they don't feel that it conflicts with their core values or beliefs.

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