I have had 2 abortions.

I have had 2 abortions. The first was 7 weeks. I was 25 and no doctor would tie my tubes which is what I wanted because I take medication that you cannot take while pregnant. So I ended up using the diaphragm and spermicide which failed-I could not take the pill. My boyfriend didn't want it and I knew adoption was an alternative but the shame was too much because my family is religious.
I had no one to drive me to the clinic so I had to go by myself.The place smelled real bad but there was a strong cleaning product smell they used to try to cover up the gross smell.
That day they had about 100 people there. I sat around all day and waited my turn. I watched a talk show on tv about abortion and how the mother was gonna get an abortion but didn't and was glad she didn't and loved her daughter-how ironic.
I took a pill to dilate the cervix. The nurses said after this pill there was no turning back.
I had to drive so I could only get local pain relief, no doping like the other girls.
They took an ultrasound and it was clear as day. I sat on the bench in my gown and could hear the suction machine turn on and a girl whimpering in pain.
The doctor was mean and yelled at me because I couldn't handle the needle in my cervix. He said that if you can't handle this how will you be able to handle what's to come? It hurt like hell. I could feel it ripping away from the side of my womb. Afterwards I vomited bile and fainted in the waiting room.
The second time I got the abortion pill at 7 weeks.It is less brutal as it shuts off the hormone so the fetus dies, but you must go through agonizing labor which I did with twins.
Now I am on a contraceptive iud. Make sure you use birth control and condoms so you won't have to go through the pain and shame. If he won't wear a condom make him get lost!

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The suction abortion you had with local anaesthetic sounds very painful and difficult if you are left with such unpleasant memories that are hard to erase from your mind. I am glad you have found an effective contraception that suits you. i
This story was sent in on 26/05/2013

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I knew the second I saw those two lines that I did not want another baby.


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