A medical abortion today

By anonymous on 30/05/2013
I wanted to share my medical abortion story because before I had it, which was today, I spent a lot of time reading what to expect and it made me quite worried, it was nothing like I expected.

First appointment

First off I had my scan, which was done over my abdomen, I was 6 weeks. I then went to discuss whether I was sure I wanted to go through with it and talk about other options etc. After that I had to have a full blood test, I've never had one before, I avoid them like the plague because I am terrified of needles and after reading online, thought I'd only have a finger prick blood test.
Outcome: The blood test was FINE, you feel it but I wouldn't say it hurts and I finally got to find out my blood type. All these years worrying about a blood test and after having it done, I felt so stupid for worrying. I'm now considering giving blood it was that easy!

Today (Medical abortion)

I arrived at the clinic at half 8. I was given some gloves and 4 tablets to insert into my vagina. I'd had bad period pain the night before that kept me awake the entire night and had started bleeding that morning, and as I had to use my fingers alone, it was a messy job.
I was then taken to one of the wards, with four other girls. Our blood pressure and heart beat etc was checked regularly. After waiting half an hour on the bed for the pills to dissolve I guess, and after a cup of tea and some biscuits, I got up. We were all told it'd be best to walk around and stand up as much as we could, it'd help the process. I was the only one who did this. I got up, walked around and kept active. Time ticked on, I had no pain and very little bleeding.
Eventually, the first girl came in crying, she was the first to lose it. Others started to rub their tummies and still, I had nothing. Some had been sick, most of us not (i thought we'd all vomit at least once after what I ready online).
About 4 hours in I started to get mild pain. During my period I can often have severe period pain and I bleed a lot, with clots.... this was mild in comparison, and it worried me it wasn't worse, I just carried on walking and listening to my ipod. I went to the toilet, sat down for a bit and pushed just a little as I felt quite tight. I felt a large clot pass. I didn't look, covered it up, rang the bell and someone collected it. No one came to tell me it had passed, until a bit after they said it should be done for me soon but not that I'd passed it yet, I now had NO PAIN. I'd barely had any to begin with and hadn't taken any pain killers at all in the week or today. A bit after I decided to go to the toilet again, one of the nurses said to give a good cough. I did this and pushed a little and felt another large clot, not as bad as the other. I wasn't bleeding much, but I did pass clots. I had no pain at this point, again I didn't look and left starting to worry that not much was happening. Not long after the nurse comes to tell me I've passed it all, I was gobsmacked. The first the thing I said was "But I haven't had any pain?!". But it was done, I had to wait around to check I wasn't bleeding too much or in any pain and I've been fine since.

In summary, I had a mild period pain for maybe 15 minutes...

no sickness, no nausea, I didn't see anything, I didn't bleed that heavy... it was fine.
I was so afraid about today, I expected pain worse than what I get on a period and it barely touched that. I felt so relieved and shocked at how 'unbad' it was. I have no regrets and I'm glad I did expect the worse, because had it happened, I'd have been prepared, and since it didn't, it's an even bigger relief than I thought.

If you're going for one soon, whether at home or in the clinic, after the tablets have had time to settle, walk around, keep some sort of movement to help the process, also nibble on some crackers or crisps, little and often helps settle your stomach. Also know that IT IS NOT ALWAYS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO! SOMETIMES IT CAN BE SOMEWHAT SHOCKINGLY EASY.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience which highlights how different a medical abortion can be for different women. You sound very positive and I hope you recover well. Careconfidential is available should you need any post abortion support. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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