I had an abortion in February two days after my son’s second birthday.

I had an abortion in February two days after my son’s second birthday. The baby’s dad told me to get rid of it because he wasn’t ready for another baby as he has one from another relationship. I did it because I loved him. Then he left me to cope on my own and I’ve just found out his girlfriend fell pregnant in March! So he left me, got straight with someone else and he let her keep their baby. I cry most days and want to be pregnant! I don’t know how to cope. Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story. It’s so sad for you that you felt you had to ‘trade’ your pregnancy to keep him and then you lost both baby and him. You are feeling very raw, aren’t you? A mixture of sadness and anger and hurt and loss – so many feelings that you don’t know what to do with. I think you would benefit from visiting your nearest centre and being able to talk it through with someone who understands. Alternatively, you could ring the helpline and talk to someone confidentially or use Online Advisor. It will make a huge difference to you to be able to tell your story in a safe and caring place.

This story was sent in on 19/08/2007

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