I had an abortion today at a bpas clinic.

By anonymous on 27/08/2013
I had an abortion today at a bpas clinic. Having two small children to look after I opted for a manual surgical abortion under local anaesthetic. I thought this would be the best solution but was very wrong.

I didn't want hubby to come with me, as thought it would be best for him to stay with the children. The last thing I wanted was for them to be in that sort of environment and I made the right choice. The clinic was horrendous. Nowhere to sit, seats are so close together so you can't even sit facing forward if someone is sitting in the seat in front of yours.

The procedure went like this...first of all it started in time which was great. The last thing you want is to be sitting anxiously for what may seem like forever. I was first seen by a lovely nurse, who got me to confirm my name, dob, first line of my address and make sure I wanted to continue with my decision. Was then seen by another nurse in a room that had a toilet and a disposable curtain sectioning the small room in two. She gave me a bag for my belongings and a gown and slippers to wear. All disposable I might add.

Once ready I was taken to the procedure room. The nurse that was supposed to keep me company was out of the room trying to find another speculum to find my cervix as nurse was having trouble. Whilst she was out the nurse managed to find it and went along with the abortion. I was given 3 anaesthetics in my cervix and the process began. The other nurse then came back when everything was finished.

I was told to sit up and walk about as the room was needed for the next lady. As I sat up everything was there on the trolley, nothing had been covered so could see everything. The floor had blood I had blood on my leg and on my gown. I started to feel dizzy but was still rushed out of the room. Was taken back into the room that was divided into two by the disposable curtain. Laid on the same sort of bed that had been used during the procedure.
The curtain was left half open so I saw the next girl go in and she saw me. Was then told to get dressed and whilst this was happening another lady was getting into her disposable hospital gear and waiting for the girl that went after me to get out so she could go in.

You're given no time to recover, everyone rushes you. You have to get out so the next one can come in. I felt like I was being butchered, and to sit up post procedure and the first thing you see is everything on the trolley was just plain awful. Appalling care from bpas clinic. Will be complaining tomorrow.

Editor's Comment

That must have been very upsetting to feel that you were on a conveyor belt,and seeing a lot of blood that had not been cleared up must have been upsetting. I have certainly never heard of anything like your description before. I think it is worth talking it through with someone at bpas so that others don't have the same experience.
Please contact CareConfidential for more support if you need it. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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