My daughter was 14 and 16 weeks pregnant when I found out.

By anonymous on 04/09/2013
My daughter was 14, almost 15 years old....I did not find out till she was 16 weeks along. Her boyfriend told me, she was too afraid because I was having some health issues due to stress and she was afraid something would happen to me if I found out. When I found out I was in shock! I made an appointment, we had to watch a video, went to a healthcare center, said she was 21 weeks they could not help us, referred us to another state for the procedure, told us she was 18 weeks, they had to insert medication into her cervix to start dilating her that evening, the next morning back to the center for the procedure.

She was sad yet relieved, I was the same.

We never told anyone. Not her older sister, my fiancée or her father, not anyone, this is our secret. I wanted to know the sex of the baby but this would make it harder.
It's been 3 1/2 weeks since and I'm still in shock to some extent.
It was her first sexual experience, the condom broke....I love her and supported her through it all. I still cry at the thought though....of the whole situation.
My daughter is quiet, shy, sensitive, kind, loving, a beautiful smart girl. Unconditional love for her, and heartbreak at the same time. **I'm having trouble getting over this on so many levels.** She is so strong, I know she felt bad and sad and scared. This was her decision. No matter my opinion, I just supported and loved her through it. This was not easy.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for such an insight into what it is like for a Mum supporting her daughter through such a difficult experience. It sounds as though it was just as hard for you to watch her go through this, as it was for her to have the abortion. It is good that she had you there for her. You both may find that you need some help to process your emotions after this. If you are struggling I am sure there will be post abortion support where you live.

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