The decision to have the abortion was taken out of my hands...

I found out I was pregnant in May. It was a very difficult and complicated situation I found myself in. The decision to have the abortion was taken out of my hands just due to the circumstances. The medical termination itself was a fairly quick process which at the time for me was great, as I was just focused on getting home as nobody knew I was doing it. I know myself under the right circumstances I would never have gone through with it and thought that was enough to get by… Sadly I have hit all sorts of emotions that I am not comfortable with, mainly negativity, guilt, shame and even a sense of loss. I have just started with regular confidential counselling and I urge anyone that has gone through with a termination to do this. Firstly it makes you feel like you’re not alone and although it’s a long process to start to forgive yourself, I can see light at the end of what I thought was a very long and dark tunnel. Editor’s note: Thank you for telling us about your situation. It is surprising what emotions surface after an abortion, even if it’s one we feel we had no choice about at the time. Our hearts respond to everything – sometimes we just don’t know how until we feel pain. Thank you for encouraging others to seek post-abortion counselling. We wish you well on your journey of recovery and look forward to hearing from you when you finally walk out into the light at the end of the tunnel.

This story was sent in on 29/08/2007

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I have only just had an abortion that was the hardest thing to do in my life.

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I had a termination nearly two years ago this September. It is the worst thing I have ever had to do.

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