He told me if I was to keep the baby I'd be a single parent

I am 16. I had just recently come out of my relationship as my boyfriend at the time had been cheating.
A few weeks after I found out I was pregnant with his child. He assumed I was going to have an abortion without even considering my feelings. I agreed to a consultation at the clinic which the father of the child came to. He was supportive whilst having our scan, but as soon as I told him I was unsure if I was able to go through with the abortion, he completely flipped and I saw a new side to him.
He told me if I was to keep the baby I'd be a single parent, that he never loved me nor liked me, and that he would never forgive me if I ruined his life by keeping the child.
I had nobody to talk to so I then told my parents who took the news ok. Thanks to my brother who sat me down and spoke to me the way I needed the father of the child to do, I came to the decision it was for the best. My ex partner came with me to the termination, and later on came with me back to my house to make sure I was ok. He was completely useless and sat on his phone all night whilst I lost our baby. As hard as abortion is, I think sometimes it's for the best.

Editor's Comment

That must have been very hard for you to end your relationship and then find out you were pregnant. Coping with your ex boyfriend's reaction and lack of support would have made your decision and the abortion very traumatic. I hope you are recovering now, and it may be worth talking to your GP about a long acting contraception that will protect you in the future. for post abortion support.
This story was sent in on 17/12/2013

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