A surgical termination with sedation

By anonymous on 17/12/2013
I would like to share my story from my termination today because I know before the procedure I was very nervous and felt looking at people experiences online helped me get a better understanding of what the experience was going to be like (even though everyone is different). There aren't many stories shared on termination with sedation so here's my experience to help other people.

I went to marie stopes Bristol this morning where I was convinced I wanted to have the surgery without any anaesthetic at all. After my scan I had a chat with the nurse who informed me that having no anaesthetic I will be in a lot of pain and once the procedure has begun without any anaesthetic I can't change my mind and have some drugs to help the pain. So after a lot of umming and arring I decided that the sedation would be best for me due to the fact I've never been put to sleep before so the thought of general anaesthetic scared me a bit.

I went down to the waiting room after making my decision then after about a 15 minute wait I was called into the surgery room, they put the sedation needle into my arm, I felt a tingly sensation through my head then from that point onwards I remember nothing, apart from feeling pain twice for a few seconds that is all and before I knew it I was up and walking to the recovery room. I felt slightly sick and unwell at first, but the really nice helpful nurses made me feel calm and gave me a tablet to help the sickness, and some painkillers to help with the slight cramping pain. I was also offered fruit, drinks and biscuits.
The nurses made my experience as okay as it could have been and within about 30 minutes I was out and on my way home feeling fine.
Of course I was upset and distressed about the situation due to the fact that I never wanted to put myself in such a hard decision but I believe I've done what's right for me at such a young age and marie stopes really helped me through such a hard time.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of surgical termination under sedation. I'm glad that you felt supported through this difficult time. for post abortion support. for post abortion support.

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