My mother had an abortion

By anonymous on 19/01/2014
A few years ago my mother said she was in love with this man she was dating. I saw that she was happy but didn't think much of it.
She got pregnant but never told me anything she left to Las Vegas when he was about 13 weeks and her husband said she looked pregnant he knew she was having an affair but forgave her anyway. Her friends asked her if she was she said no that if she did she wouldn't have it anyway.

She ordered some abortion pills online and took them, told everyone she had a miscarriage shoveling snow. I just found out yesterday about it I don't know what to say or how to feel. I understand it is her body but my mother and I have always been so close telling each other all our secrets, or so I thought.
What hurts me most is I cried with her boyfriend all night because of the abortion and my mother wasn't even upset I just thought it was her way of coping after all I was only 12.
It's been 5 years and to just think that my mom was 32 and had a job, money, everything I really can't understand why she chose that. I just want some advice to cope myself. If someone had gone through something similar how did you cope?

Editor's Comment

It is hard to cope with someone else's choices when you don't understand why they have made them. At 12 it would have been very hard to understand and although you are older now it must be difficult when you still have questions. I wonder if you are able to talk about your feelings with your mother. I think it would also help to talk to a counsellor to get some ideas about how to cope with your thoughts and emotions. for post abortion support.

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