I wanted to share my abortion story

By anonymous on 19/01/2014
I wanted to share my abortion story because like a lot of women going over their options after finding out they are pregnant resort to the internet to read about personal stories for reassurance and support (not to mention what to expect before, during, and after the abortion). Not all abortion experiences are horror stories, which is why I would like to share mine:

My boyfriend and I haven't been together very long. Were we financially stable enough to support a child? Yes. Were we using protection when I got pregnant? Yes. Did we weigh all of our options before choosing abortion? Yes.

We were both right around the corner from him turning 30 and me turning 26. I found out I was pregnant January 6, 2014 after having 4 positive tests. I was on birth control (the depo shot) when I got pregnant so we were that "lucky" 1% that you rarely hear about. The day I found out I was pregnant was also 4 weeks before he was moving 16 hours away for his job for 7 months to a year which was one of the determining factors that a baby wasn't a good idea at the time since I was not going with him.

We did some research on both medical and surgical abortion and decided that medical abortion was the best option. We found an abortion clinic that was nea by so I called and made an appointment and the soonest they could get me in was January 17th. Unfortunately my boyfriend was out of town that week so I had to go alone. That morning at 11:00 I went to the clinic. There were some protesters outside that tried to make me feel terrible about being there but I ignored them because it's none of their business.

After going inside , paying $500, filling out a lot of paperwork and sitting in the waiting room with all of the other females that were there for the same reason I was, I was called back into a room to have a vaginal ultrasound done. It was then I was told I was measuring at 5.5 weeks. I chose not to see the ultrasound photo.

I then went back in the waiting room and about an hour later I was called back into a different room where they took my blood to determine my blood type, my blood pressure and asked me to take another pregnancy test which obviously came back positive. Then I was sent back to the waiting room again for another hour only to be called into another room for counseling and the question and answer process. Finally after having been there for 3 hours the doctor came in to give me one pill of Mifeprex which I had to take in front of him. He also gave me 4 misoprostol that I would have to insert vaginally 48 hours later, a prescription for an anti nausea medication and a prescription for vicodin/ibuprofen.

After taking the Mifeprex I was told not to eat anything for an hour and that I shouldn't have any symptoms other than some spotting if that. 24 hours after taking the Mifeprex I started having light cramping that progressed into heavy cramping then went away along with bright red blood and quarter size clots coming out. In the 3 hours I was cramping and bleeding 6-7 clots came out while I was using the restroom. The cramping was just a little stronger than normal period cramps. I was all concerned so I called and left a message for the doctor and he called me back to reassure me that what I was experiencing sometimes happens and that the abortion was starting to happen.

The next day around 11:00 AM I ate something, took an anti nausea pill then took a vicodin. After the vicodin kicked in I prepared myself for this awuful pain I read would come and inserted the 4 misoprostol. I laid on the couch and waited for what felt like forever and nothing happened. Then 3 hours later I started having light cramping that turned into heavier cramping but again it was only a little worse then what I experience during my periods. I would pass a clot every time I would use the restroom. After about an hour and a half the cramping went away.

I got myself so worked up for what felt like the first day of my period. Yeah it could have went so smooth since I wasn't that far along or I just got lucky and passed most of it with the Mifeprex but whatever the reason, I am here to tell you that not all medical abortions are a horrifying experience.

My boyfriend was extremely supportive even though he was 16 hours away. He texted me the whole time, called me frequently and we skyped several times. He was there for me as much as he could be. I was physically alone when I went through the abortion and it wasn't anything I haven't felt before.

I have to go back to the clinic in a week for another ultrasound to make sure everything passed then 2 weeks after that I have to go back again for a pregnancy test to make sure it comes back negative. Then I can put this whole thing behind me.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience and it is good to have a balance of different stories so that people reading them understand that it is different for each individual.

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