I chose to have a surgical abortion

I found out I was pregnant, and decided to have an abortion as I've recently made a very rewarding career change but am earning less and not in the ideal financial situation to even consider raising a child. I read about Mary Stopes online, and made an appointment. I found the staff very pleasant and non judgemental. I chose to have a surgical abortion as I had morning sickness and read that the medical abortion could cause nausea, same day so no anaesthesia. The scan showed that the baby was 11.5 weeks old (I actually heard it's heartbeat, and I honestly think that in different circumstances it would have been the most moving experience of my life so far) However I did not doubt that I was making the right decision for both me and the baby. The nurse injected me with a painkiller and gave me a tablet to dissolve under my tongue and I was shown to a waiting area with the instruction to call her as soon as I felt cramps. I did not feel any, so she came back after 25 minutes and took me to the procedure room. Another nurse assisted, and she was very compassionate. She actually even rubbed my hand and belly when the twinges became a bit sore. The removal procedure is definitely not comfortable, they did warn me that it is like severe period pains and it def ranks up there but the procedure only took 15 minutes. I felt a bit nauseous and shaky for about 5 mins afterwards but then felt completely pain free and comfortable. I left with painkillers and antibiotics and feel very well looked after, and completely at peace with my decision. I hope this helps if you are in the same situation and have to make a choice.

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Thank you for posting your experience of surgical abortion under local anaesthetic. It sounds as though you coped well. for post abortion support.

This story was sent in on 31/01/2014

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