Yesterday I got the local surgical procedure done

By anonymous on 01/02/2014
Well yesterday I got the local surgical procedure done at planned parenthood.
I arrived at PP at 10:00am but I didn't get the actual abortion done until around 4pm. I decided to get an abortion because I am still young and I already have a child. Having another child at this time would make things a lot more difficult.
Honestly, the long wait at the clinic, 7 hours, hurt me a lot more than the actual abortion. Before I was called back to get the procedure I was taken to get an ultrasound and into a counseling session where they asked me questions and gave information on what to expect after the abortion.
After the counseling, I was taken into a lab where the nurse took my blood pressure, pricked my finger and asked for a urine sample. Once I was finally called back, I was taken into a room where I was told to remove my pants and underwear. After the doctor introduced himself, we got things started.
The first thing that happens is they dilate the vagina and insert a few needles. Soon after they insert the suction to remove the fetus. This whole procedure took about 3-5 minutes. Afterwards I had a little cramping but this went away quickly. I was then escorted to the recovery room where I was given a Motrin and antibiotics and was sent on my way.
Today I am feeling fine, no cramping and little to no bleeding. I feel like having an abortion was the right thing to do for me. I know that sounds selfish but it would not have been fair to bring another child into this world that I wouldn't be able to care for.

Editor's Comment

I can imagine that waiting around at the clinic must have been nerve wracking. I hope your post abortion recovery continues to go well.

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