By 8 weeks we decided to terminate the pregnancy.

By anonymous on 10/02/2014
I'm writing this to tell you my story and how different it was from most if not all I've read. I found out at 5 weeks I was pregnant mostly bc I put off taking the test bc I felt the inevitable. By 8 weeks we decided to terminate the pregnancy. I was depressed, sick, and alone. We moved to a new duty station a week before finding out. I went to planned parenthood and chose the medical abortion option. I was a nervous wreck on the Tuesday I want to the clinic probably because my husband couldn't take off work and as I mentioned I didn't know anyone else. They gave me the first pill after I had my ultrasound, blood work, && counseling. They gave me a bag of medicine to take as well as instructions, information & support lines.

I took the second pill which is called misoprostol and instantly felt cramps. They were so intense I threw up. I panicked after because I lost all the pain and cramping and hadn't even began to bleed yet. I waited two hours and slowly started cramping again followed by this time clots and bleeding. I sat on the toilet for a total of 5hrs in tears it hurt so badly. Eventually the pain became so intense I drove myself to the hospital where I was greeted by plenty of no sympathy. I was contracting so badly I couldn't stay still for a pelvic exam so she gave me Vicodin and sent me on my way. I thought I passed it prior to being at the hospital I was mostly there for company and hopefully stronger medicine.

3 days went by and I had normal bleeding associated with it and cramping. I felt it was a part of the side effects so I didn't think anything of it. I thought my definition of "mild cramping" differed from planned parenthood and then on the 4th day I realized why.

On day 4 I didn't have much if any bleeding just strong cramps. I became accustomed to having a heating pad attached to my abdomen. Then on that evening I sat down with what I felt like clots coming out in the toilet and all the sudden out comes this lemon sized sac and a little fetus. It was easily to figure out what it was.

Anyhow, this medical abortion differed from any I've read about because I didn't pass it the day I took the misoprostol so take it into consideration when going this route. If it wouldn't have came out tonight tomorrow when I go for my follow up I'd have to been given a d&c anyhow. This isn't always the easiest way.

Editor's Comment

It is one of the complications of medical abortion that it is sometimes incomplete and you still need a surgical procedure.

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