All I wanted is my degree and then a baby can come after

By anonymous on 09/02/2014
My story is really different! As you read along you will see.I'm 18 and I had no choice but to have an abortion!

I have been having sex since I was 16 years old when I met and feel in love with my fiancé. My family knew nothing of him until I turned 18,they always warned me of getting pregnant and my granny even said that she will put me out of her house. I really want to make my family proud and not put them to shame by getting pregnant. I didn't want the people who expected the worst for me to get their satisfaction.

We had unprotected sex all the time and he broke in me most of the times!(foolish right......I know)But I only realize this until I didn't get my period for a whole month which was January. As the days of the month quickly ended and I saw no period I was sure that I was pregnant! Soon after I began feeling nauseous, dizzy, sleepy and upset. I told my fiancé and he was just as scared he knew we wasn't ready and we had so many plans for our future and a baby will just upset that! we didn't want to bring a child into this world to suffer.
All I wanted is my degree and then a baby can come after.

We took a test and of course it was positive.

We spoke to some close friends which advised us on some doctors but I think we picked the wrong one! As we entered his office we saw a lot of dust and dirt everywhere, he didn't even have a receptionist!!! But there were a lot of patients there. He gave me a clear injection on my buttocks (which hurt like hell!!) and four yellow tablets to take when cramping started and then 2 pink tablets every 2 to 6 hours when bleeding began! He charged me $750.

I went to my boyfriend's home and the cramps began. They were so severe! There was only spotting of blood on my pad, and I was vomiting. I called the doctor the next day and told him what was happening he said we will wait for some weeks and monitor it(he was not for real!!?) I had to make sure that the pregnancy was over.

The next day I went to a clinic and spent $400 for an ultrasound to see that the baby was alive and healthy and it was 6 weeks and 1 day old! I was in shock!

My boyfriend and I saw the heartbeat and we became so sad

We considered keeping it! that same day I went to another doctor for advice and he said that because I didn't get a large amount of bleeding the abortion was unsuccessful!
The next day I went back to that doctor he explained to me all my options but keeping the baby was not one because it may be born with deformities. This was when I became aware of cycotec (please research).He also suggested to be 100% safe and effective that I should do the suction method where I would be put to sleep. The doctor charged me $160 for this advice. My boyfriend and I decided that this was the best decision but it would have cost us close to $2000.
The next day we decided to try the cycotec, we got a prescription from the first doctor (free of course, remember I spent $750 by this man and nothing happened) and bought the pills together with antibiotics in case of infections, Tylenol and ibuprofen(Motrin) for pain.That night (which was last night) I spent the night with my boyfriend to ensure everything was safe. I got severe cramps which crept up on me which subsided completely when I got an angry phone call from my mother.(I took my mind off the pain).I woke up during the night to take the next set of pills. I padded up properly with one pad on my underwear a 3 on my tights over my underwear. I was expecting a gush. I woke up like around 6 the next morning and saw that only one pad was filled with blood and blood clots. The bleeding have continued lightly all day today, I`m just hoping and praying that this is the end of it. I really don't want to do a suction (surgical abortion) because I'm afraid something will get damaged permanently and it is also so expensive!

Editor's Comment

I feel concerned for you that you have not had better medical follow-up. The medical procedure does occasionally fail and you would usually be offered a surgical method to complete the procedure in the UK. This is because of the possibility of abortion drugs damaging the developing fetus. You should seek medical help if you are unsure about what is happening.

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