Well it is 6.30am the morning following my medical abortion.

By anonymous on 08/02/2014
Well it is 6.30am the morning following my medical abortion. A few days before my abortion I looked on the Internet for further information on what I am likely to experience. I found a few stories which were helpful and thought I should share my experience for other women so they have an idea what to expect, although everyone reacts differently.

Following my initial appointment 2 days earlier I arrived at the hospital at midday. I was shortly admitted to a bed. A nurse took my blood pressure and asked me to lay down. The nurse closed my curtain for privacy as the ward was fairly busy. Soon after a more senior nurse came and sat on my bed and explained what will be happening just as the doctor did at my initial appointment.

The initial stage is inserting the tablet into your vagina. The nurse asked if I wished to do this and I said that I would prefer she did this as I did not want to do it wrong! The nurse asked me to lay down whilst she did
this. The tablet was now in. This was painless and similar to inserting a tampon.

I then was told to just lay there and a nurse will come and check my blood pressure every few hours. If I need to go to the toilet I need to go into a bedpan (in the toilet) and alert the nurse by pressing the call button so she can see what has passed. The nurse needs to see what has come out to assess that the termination has worked. Nothing happened for hours. I just laid there waiting.

Then about 4.30 I started getting mild tummy cramps. Very much like period pain. Then half an hour later the pain became more intense. I could not stand, I felt faint the pain was that intense. This lasted about an hour. It would come and go which I imagine is like contractions. Once the pain had eased I went to the toilet and there was a lot of blood but no product. I started to feel extremely faint and sick. I called the nurse who then took me back to bed.

The pain did not get worse than this just a dull pain remained which was bearable.

Another hour had passed and there was no further pain or product. The nurse came and spoke with me. She said she would like to give me another dose of medication to take by mouth to try and pass the pregnancy through. I took 2 tablets with a glass of water and just layed there again.

It was now 8pm and nothing has happened. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I asked the nurse if I could go home as I would be much more comfy at home in my own bed. The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was normal, I had very little pain and felt Ok. The nurse said that I could continue at home and she said a doctor would call me on Monday. I thanked the nurse,and began getting dressed.

As I left the building I felt something come out of me. I knew it had happened. It was painless when it was released but as it was golf ball size I knew what is was. I went to the toilet and it was a small golf ball size sack. This was the pregnancy.

When I got home I showered and got into bed. I have been bleeding extremely heavily and am having to change my pad every hour. I am using 3 pads at once.

I wanted to share my experience with other women considering medical abortion. I hope this helps.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope that your post abortion recovery goes well. If your bleeding does not reduce you should seek medical help in case there are any retained products. for post abortion support.

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