My Marie Stopes surgical abortion under sedation

By anonymous on 16/02/2014

My surgical abortion was 2 days ago

I have just had this procedure two days ago with Marie Stopes.

I won't give you a massive breakdown of my reasons as to why I decided to terminate my pregnancy and my background but I will provide some information because this forum has been a life saver during the last 10 days and I wanted to share my story with other women who are in this situation.

I came off the pill

I am divorced and I have been with my partner for a year now in a loving committed long distance relationship. I already have a young child and I am transitioning through a job change.

I came off the pill as it gave me headaches in the morning and I constantly felt bloated.

I must have conceived pretty much within the few days of coming off it. My periods seemed to be taking ages to come but I put it down to the 'hormones' leaving my system. I didn't have any symptoms apart from sore breasts which I again put down to my period on the way (no tiredness, sickness, cravings etc). I had some cramping throughout January but again I put that down to my period on its way.

I found out I was pregnant & rang the hotline

I found out I was pregnant on Wednesday 5th February - I was obviously very distressed but I instantly knew I couldn't go ahead. Circumstances, Finance and so many other factors all indicated that this was not fair on my young child. My previous birth experience was very traumatic although natural.

I rang the hotline who gave me an appointment for the following Monday. They estimated me to be around 5 weeks.

It was absolute sheer hell waiting those days for my initial consultation.

I really wanted to take the medical route because I was petrified of the surgical route and anaesthetics. However a few calls over those few days and I spoke to a lovely man at Marie Stopes who advised me based on my current situation to consider the surgical route.

After reading and reading, I decided I would opt for the surgical route .

It is quicker, faster recovery, professionally handled and with the IV sedation there is less pain and trauma.

It doesn't matter how much anyone says not to be scared of the procedure - you will be

I can't say it is without risks as all procedure carry risks but they are minimal and you have to remember you are in professional hands.

I had my appointment at 10am. They were running behind by about an hour.

If you do opt for the sedation you must not eat either 6 or 12 hours beforehand but double check with your healthcare provider. I am not medically trained so you must check.

Because my morning sickness had started to kick in, I set my alarm for 3:40am and ate a bowl of light cereal.

When I had my consultation, the nurse was a bit dubious but because my treatment was delayed she said it was fine.

I did ask her about having a numbing agent instead of the sedation and she said it will be painful and quite stressful. She also said once the surgeon starts, he cannot stop .

If you are anxious just have the sedation. You are better off having the sedation because it allows the surgeon to properly complete the procedure.

I spent days worrying about the procedure - all sorts of thing were making me anxious

My main fear was I wouldn't wake up, my heart would fail, my bp would drop - all quite severe if you think of it. Also I had the Mirena IUD fitted in the procedure.

The nurse gently reassured me

I was called at 12:40 and asked to use the wc to empty my bladder.

The nurse asked me to take everything apart from my top and bra off. He provided me with a sarong and slippers. He then came to collect me and led me into the treatment room. He introduced me to the team and I held a nurse's hand and literally poured my heart out to her.

They seated me on the treatment couch and made me comfortable. The anaesthetist was actually very amusing and worked very fast. He found my vein and was very quick. He then said you will start to feel dizzy and I smiled and said no I'm not and I was still very alert - I looked at the nurse and she gently reassured me by telling me the sedation was going in. I then closed my eyes feeling very sleepy.

That's it - I don't remember anything. I didn't hear anything. All I felt was a moderate cramping sensation when he obviously suctioned.

The nurse did say the earlier you are, the less painful it is and they dated me at 6 weeks and 6 days.

After the procedure

The next thing I remember was them putting me into a wheelchair and them helping me up to sit on the recovery chair. I just felt very sleepy so I didn't force myself to open my eyes. That sensation lasted a few mins.

Once I did open my eyes, I looked at the clock and it was 1pm!

I would say I was just a little bit dizzy but nothing to the point where it's distressing. I opened my eyes and just rested again for a few minutes.

Then the nurse who did my initial consultation knew I wanted tea because I was gasping for my morning tea which she brought over - they offer tea, biscuits and sweets just to get your blood sugar levels back up.

Two pills and a handbook

Once you feel alert and ok, they asked you if you want to get dressed. You get dressed, check your pad on mine there was a dot of blood.

They gave me two pills to take - I don't actually know what they were for (pain killers or to reduce bleeding). They gave me my antibiotics to take home and a little handbook.

One of my best friends drove me there and stayed with me - she then drove me back home and we had a light sandwich and spent a few hours on the sofa watching tv.

The tops of my legs felt a bit weak but that's understandable. The only thing I noticed was my heart rate was racing but that could have been due to adrenaline or the drugs. It calmed down by itself.

My partner arrived shortly after because he had his final exams and then drive 3 hours to get here. (which I don't want people commenting on as I said, I was emotional due to the procedure and not attached to the pregnancy).

We picked my little one up from nursery and even went to get some food. We got Nandos a bit later on and I then took some feminax.

Went to bed thinking I'd be bleeding and morning came and there was no bleeding. Woke up feeling fine.

Took my antibiotics with toast and fried eggs LOL.

My bleeding was a little bit heavy nothing alarming and has now stopped. Apart from feeling a bit tender and my breasts are still sore and my shoulders feel tight due to all the stress and tension I feel nothing but RELIEF.

I've learnt many lessons

Of course my mind flits back to the pregnancy and part of me feels sad that it ended this way. However I firmly believe it would not have been fair to my little one and that is my priority.

I have learnt many lessons from this - mainly that if your spirit is strong you will get through this. I learnt to take the time out to appreciate my little one giggle instead of rushing around with life.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your surgical abortion experience.

I'm glad you are feeling relieved and recovering well. It sounds as though you coped well with the procedure, and had lots of support.

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