I had an abortion 4 weeks ago.. I now have an infection

By anonymous on 15/02/2014
I had an abortion 4 weeks ago.. I now have an infection.
I have had to visit the doctors 4 times do 3 urine tests
that all came back infected and I had a set of antibiotics..
that have not cured it. I wanted an internal examination
after passing a large clot and having pains 4 weeks later
they didn't bother before which I felt was very dismissive
and now there is some infection inside.

No counselling, no aftercare sheet. I was sent home the same
gruelling day.
My medical abortion experience was like a living nightmare,
the nurses were mostly nice until at the end the one who told me
to push and extracted my baby from me said, "I bet it's put you off
love for life".

At the time I was lethargic from the painkiller injections, I went in at 7.30am it lasted all day and it was incredibly painful, worse
than any "period pain" and I was sick so many times.
Don't do it, don't have an abortion I wish I had not done it as I forgot all my reasons. I don't think it should be allowed past 15
weeks. I had my reasons but now they don't feel good enough.

I am a clean person so the infection must have come from the clot and
a urine infection. I feel they leave you in complete darkness after the procedure. If your reason is money you can always find money
if its your partner do it alone, if its not the right time make it the right time. Because there is no feeling like this one and it will always make you think 'what if'.

Every time I see a baby I well
up inside and the fact the doctor tried to tell me it was in my head
regarding my infection I feel I am having to prove there is something wrong even after 3 tests showing infection and a swab.

I wait another week making it now 5 weeks, the physical and mental
state after abortion at the stage I had it is terrible and I wouldn't
want anyone to go through it.
Hope this has helped you, I read many of these thinking they are trying to put you off and its not all that
bad but the reality is 1 in 10 get infection and that happened to be me and i think every woman just feels completely crap after.
It's just easier and nicer to have a life,and a baby I was thinking whilst sat in the hospital bed looking out the window at people walking by.
I even feel so in tune with it after all that time I had to force myself to take the tablet and then I wanted to throw it back up but I thought I was doing the right thing. Apparently it stops the pregnancy. Sorry if it is gruesome but its reality and it was not nice maybe there are some women who had a more positive abortion mine definitely wasn't.

Editor's Comment

A late medical abortion can be a lot more complicated than an early medical abortion which is between 5 and 9 weeks of pregnancy. It sounds as though you had a really difficult time and not enough support. I would encourage you to go back to your doctor if you still feel physically unwell. There is also post abortion support available through CareConfidential and some independent post abortion counsellors. Things may feel very raw and painful at the moment but please do contact CareConfidential for support.for post abortion support. or call the national helpline 0300 4000 999

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