The abortion wasn't nice emotionally but physically it's been pretty pain free

By anonymous on 14/02/2014
medical abortion bpas abortion 5 weeks

I found reading these stories really helpful before I went in for my medical abortion so I thought I'd share, I hope it helps.

I will start by saying DON'T worry and definitely DON'T over think the process/pain/side effects.

It's counter productive, take it one step at a time.

I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant using a home pregnancy test 5 days ago, I went in for my initial consultation on the same day where a scan was done, bloods checked, weight and height etc.

I went to the BPAS in central Manchester, I rang them direct to make the appointment. I wasn't 100% sure which abortion method to go for and what to do so I took a couple of days to think it over, I rang back and got an appointment for a medical abortion.

I went in 4 days after my initial consultation and took the first pill, didn't experience anything unusual. An antibacterial tablet was also given to me, which I put up my bum. Absorbs better apparently, it's not as bad as it sounds.

I've been feeling sick but not actually vomiting due to the pregnancy for over a week now so that was 'the norm'.

At the initial visit my iron was found to be low, so I bought some iron tablets from the chemist and had been taking one daily with vitamin C. It's important to do this if your irons low as a medical abortion can make you bleed quite a bit.

So I went in today for my second set of pills, after reading all the horror stories online I was terrified but the staff have been lovely and very helpful.

I took a codeine, had an anti-nausea injection in my butt which stung a little, the nurse inserted 4 tablets into my coochi and gave me a pain tablet to insert into my bum again.

The nurse was so lovely! Made me feel very comfortable, all the staff have from the first phone call to now. She gave me some antibiotics and the contraceptive pill to take away with me, you choose the contraceptive method yourself. She then called me a taxi and I went home. 

I've just passed the pregnancy (pretty sure) about 2½ hours after the tablets were inserted and although unpleasant it wasn't that painful at all, I didn't get major contractions or cramps.

I was relatively normal for the first 1½ hours, very mild tummy ache very low down. Then I felt short of breath and like I was about to pass out, I got all shaky and started shivering, I projectile vomited like the exorcist and felt better straight away. That was the worse part and it lasted a few minutes.

After this I started bleeding, just like a normal period. I have on a massive pad but every time I felt a rush I ran to the loo and sat down, with my water bottle still on my tummy. Big help!

About 2½ hours after the pills were inserted I went to the loo after feeling a gush and heard a plop after sitting down, the water was bloody but I could see a dark red sac with a white part, from all the research I've done I'm sure this was the pregnancy. It looked like it all came away in one go, I've not had any clots as such yet. I feel better already.

Keep on top of pain medication, and use a hot water bottle. Take it one step at a time. On a scale of 1-10 my pain etc was a 2, the injection hurt more! and that wasn't bad in itself. The feeling like passing out for a bit was the worst bit.

I was only 5½ weeks and the nurse did say the sooner into the pregnancy the easier it is. I'm going to take the antibiotics tomorrow, it's just one dose and take ibuprofens every 4 hours today just as a preventative measure.

Make sure you prepare yourself, don't be awful to yourself. This isn't pleasant to do. I got some chocolate, a magazine and a nice salad for later. I bought a water bottle especially and I'm glad I did.

Now I just hope I don't get an infection or anything, it's very unlikely but no tampons, no swimming and no sex for 4 weeks will help minimise that risk.

I did all this by myself with my sister on call for support, my choice. Easier to forget it ever happened if only one person knows. I just wasn't ready, we all have our reasons I won't go into mine but I don't regret my decision, just be sure it's what you want because after that first pill there is no going back.

Seriously this experience wasn't nice emotionally but physically it's been pretty pain free, don't let the horror stories frighten you!

I will do a pregnancy test at 4 weeks to make sure. That's what the clinic advised. Good luck and look after yourselves.

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